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Debut Album "Polychrome"
Out Now!

Based in Hamburg
Founded in 2017
Genre: #Progressive #Metalcore
Listen to our latest music. You can find us on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Youtube, and any other relevant streaming platform.

We are: In Fragments

Nico Mumm - Vocals
Mark Schriever - Vocals
Martin Root - Guitar
Sascha Lehmann - Guitar
Jan Hendrik Daum - Bass
Joe Knoof - Drums
In Fragments is a progressive metalcore band based in Hamburg, Germany.
Their musical identity is driven by the idea to connect - to break open the confinements of genre and style and combine the fragments to build something new. Their sound is heavy, yet playful, unusually organic, but sometimes artificial. Their rhythyms range from clear to complex, the melodies and harmonies from emotional to rational.
In Fragments is about contrasts and colours, about the negative and positive sides of humanity. Whether it's about politics, mental health, or the everyday life struggles, each song tells its own story.
Founded in 2017, the band was able to present their extraordinary style many times live with bands like Deez Nuts, Landscapes, or Tell You What Now.

Who are we?